Head Chef : Makoto Takano

At age 15, Chef Makoto decided to start his " Washo-ku" chef career and received formal training at the popular restaurant named "Botan" in Tokyo, Japan.  This is where he studied hand-made style Soba and the traditional style multicourse dinner called “Kai-seki”.  

Till this day, he is always thinking on how he can improve his chef skills to give customers a better dining experience.  His passion to make customers happy with his food is what drives his motivation.  Believing in spreading this all over the world, lead Chef Makoto to take his skills to Antarctica. In 2014, Chef Mako joined LDH kitchen JAPAN as the Executive Chef in charge all of locations.  

Recognizing Chef Makoto’s talent and passion, LDH kitchen Japan challenged him to embark on a new stage of his career in Los Angeles, California.